2018 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Joshua Jackson

Position: CB

School: Iowa

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 192 lbs.



Team Fit

Joshua Jackson is one of the better corners in this year’s draft. The Raiders have a huge need in their secondary. Reggie McKenzie chose the free agent route for starters, instead of drafting corners. Last year, the Raiders selected Gareon Conley. Unfortunately, injuries derail his season.

The Raiders should look to add another top corner. Also, Jackson’s height and instincts fit the bill. Oakland corners routinely fell victim to speedy wideouts. In return, they are in desperate need of quicker corners who can keep up. Jackson, the winner of the 2017 Jack Tatum award would fit in well with the Raiders. If the Raiders pair him with Conley, they have the makings of a solid starting duo. With Sean Smith’s issues with elusive wideouts and David Amerson’s injuries, the time to revamp the cornerback position is now.



Although Jackson does not possess gamebreaking burst, he runs well enough to cover a myriad of opponents. His closing speed on receivers is excellent. In addition, he breaks on the ball like a wide receiver, anticipating location.


At Iowa, Jackson excelled at man. Yet, he will be able to transition to man in the NFL. His instincts and feel for the game are his best qualities.


Ball Skills

Without a doubt, no corner in the draft has the knack for the ball like Jackson. By using outstanding hand/eye coordination, he can gauge the ball on a line. In addition, Jackson tracks the ball vertically. When he jumps, his timing gives him the immediate advantage. For example, the video below illustrates Jackson’s timing.


Jackson’s hands are elite. Again, his time as a wide receiver made this area a positive when some defensive backs struggle to hold onto interceptions, this is where he will excel.


Jackson is willing to square up on back, receivers, tight ends, or quarterbacks. As a result, he charges into screens, disrupting the place. In space, he breaks down well to make a play. Moreover, he exhibits a drive tackle instead of the catch and drag method.



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