Hotton’s Big Board 1.0: Post Senior Bowl Edition

Dec 30, 2017; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) runs for a touchdown during the first half against the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the 2017 TaxSlayer Bowl at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 30, 2017; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) runs for a touchdown during the first half against the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the 2017 TaxSlayer Bowl at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Top 100 Big Board

Player Position School
1 S. Barkley RB Penn St.
2 B. Chubb EDGE NC St.
3 M. Fitzpatrick DB Alabama
4 Q. Nelson G ND
5 R. Smith LB UGA
6 J. Rosen QB UCLA
7 S. Darnold QB USC
8 D. Ward CB OSU
9 T. Edmunds LB VT
10 J. Jackson CB Iowa
11 C. Williams OT Texas
12 J. Allen QB Wyoming
13 D. Payne DL Alabama
14 R. Evans LB Alabama
15 C. Ridley WR Alabama
16 B. Mayfield QB OU
17 D. Guice RB LSU
18 H. Landry EDGE BC
19 D. James S FSU
20 M. Hurst DL Michigan
21 B. Price C/G OSU
22 M. McGlinchey OT ND
23 S. Hubbard EDGE OSU
24 S. Michel RB UGA
25 A. Key EDGE LSU
26 I. Oliver CB Colorado
27 R. Harrison S Alabama
28 D. Goedert TE SDSU
29 M. Huges CB UCF
30 V. Vea DL Wash
31 C. Sutton WR SMU
32 R. Jones II RB USC
33 O. Brown OT OU
34 K. Miller OT UCLA
35 W. Hernandez OG UTEP
36 J. Jones OT OSU
37 C. Davis CB Auburn
38 C. Kirk WR Texas A&M
39 M. Andrews TE OU
40 M. Davenport EDGE UTSA
41 M. Allen S Penn St.
42 K. Johnson RB Auburn
43 M. Jefferson LB Texas
44 I. Wynn OG UGA
45 R. Penny RB SD St.
46 D. Jones DL OSU
47 L. Jackson QB Louisville
48 C. Okorafor OT WMU
49 B. O’Neill OT Pitt
50 M. Rudolph QB Ok St.
51 J. Samuels FB/RB NC St.
52 D. Amstrong Jr. EDGE Kansas
53 J. Baker LB OSU
54 H. Phillips DL Stanford
55 D. Moore WR Maryland
56 B. Chubb RB UGA
57 J. Washington WR Ok St.
58 O. Okoronkwo EDGE OU
59 J. Jewell LB Iowa
60 M. Gesicki TE Penn St.
61 T. McFadden CB FSU
62 T. Bryan DL Florida
63 L. Vander Esch LB Boise St.
64 D. Nnadi DL FSU
65 J. Alexander CB Louisville
66 D. Hand DL Alabama
67 R. Green DL USC
68 B. Smith OG Auburn
69 H. Hurst TE SC
70 A. Corbbertt OG Nevada
71 S. Cobbs WR IU
72 E. St. Brown WR ND
73 J. Holland EDGE Auburn
74 T. Fumagalli TE Wisc
75 M. Walton RB UM
76 D. Cain WR Clemson
77 S. Welsh C Iowa
78 H. Mata’afa EDGE Wash St.
79 J. Reid S Stanford
80 J. Whitehead S Pitt
81 F. Ragnow C Arkansas
82 K. Robertson WR S. Miss
83 M. Gallup WR Colorado St.
84 R. Freeman RB Oregon
85 A. Averett CB Alabama
86 D. Ejiofor EDGE WFU
87 L. Carter LB UGA
88 J. Bates S WFU
89 K. White S WVU
90 J. Adams RB ND
91 L. Falk QB Wash St.
92 M.J. Stewart CB UNC
93 M. Kiser LB UVA
94 D. Harrison OT WGU
95 M. Rankin OT Miss. St.
96 M. Kiser LB UVA
97 S. Jones OG Arizona St.
98 U. Nwosu LB USC
99 M. Frazier EDGE Mizzou
100 J. Hearns EDGE Louisville


Lamar Jackson’s size is the topic of a lot of controversy in recent weeks, with hall of fame GM Bill Polian even going as far as calling him a wide receiver on the pro level. I am of course not on the level of Polian, but I vehemently disagree. People talk about Jackson’s size as a reason to worry about his NFL career, at 6’3” 212 lbs, but take a look at some other quarterback comparisons:
Josh Rosen 6’4” 218
Derek Carr 6’4” 218
Jared Goff 6’4” 205
Alex Smith 6’4” 216

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Jackson hasn’t even entered an NFL weight program, which could easily bring his weight to 220 pounds. Even if he doesn’t gain another pound, he will be fine, and with a limited injury history, his size should not be called into question. As teams and media realize the Heisman Trophy winner’s arm talent and growth as a passer, he will likely shoot up draft boards.

I have Arden Key ranked at 26th, not for his ceiling, but for his off-field issues. The LSU Tiger had shoulder surgery during his offseason absence and was banged up for most of the year. Teams will question his passion for the game, as teams are very wary of early retirees that have become more common in the NFL in recent years. With all of this said, Key could shoot up draft boards with a great combine and great interviews. Don’t be surprised if Key finds his way in the top 15 picks come April, also don’t be surprised if he falls to late day two as well.

Tremaine Edmunds is a player who is shooting up draft boards, with his athletic prowess and pass rushing ability, teams will covet the Virginia Tech Hokie as a 3-4 OLB, and a 4-3 OLB as well.

Early talks of Will Hernandez is how large the UTEP guard is, and at 6’2.5 340 pounds, he is an intimidating figure.

Hernandez looks to hold his weight at 340 pounds very well, as he is already one of the drafts premier run blockers. Hernandez is manhandling his competition at the Senior Bowl, showing how talented he really is. His performance in Mobile is shooting him up on draft boards, and he will likely end up a late first rounder or earlier second rounder by the end of the draft process.

Talking about the offensive line in this draft, the NFL has had a dearth of talent at that position coming out of college for the past several years. This has helped drive the value of lineman in the NFL, interior lineman garnering close to $14 million a year in free agency. However, this draft seems to have plenty of talent on the OL, even though we may not see a player taken in the top ten picks at that position. Teams will be able to get great value later in the draft at a time where the league could sorely use it.

UTSA Marcus Davenport was going in the opposite direction of Hernandez at the Senior Bowl. Early in the week, the high ceiling player showed that he may need more refinement at the NFL level, and talks about his falling draft position dominated the headlines. However, Davenport had a very strong Senior Bowl game that help dispel some of those notions. It still seems like Davenport is an inconsistent project type player who could use some work on the NFL level, but his may be too upside is too much to pass up.

Another riser at the Senior Bowl is wide receiver James Washington, as he is proving he can succeed outside of the pass friendly system at Oklahoma State. Washington is putting his route running ability on display and shows great hands on contested throws, making him a very quarterback friendly player down at Mobile.

Nick Chubb’s stock has started to fall lately, as some worry about the speed of the UGA product. In the Bulldogs’ CFP loss to Alabama, Chubb looked slow when going around the tackles, which may worry NFL teams. A strong combine and workouts could go a long way to change that, but as right now, the favorite UGA back in this draft is Sony Michel, not Chubb.

Jaylen Samuels is an intriguing draft prospect. Listed as a fullback out of NC State, Samuels is more of a “jack-of-all-trades’ in the backfield, playing some H-back and tight end as well. He finished his senior year with 76 receptions, 597 yards, four receiving touchdowns to go with 403 rushing yards (5.2 YPC) and 12 rushing touchdowns. Look for Samuels to go on day two, as teams realize that he can be a great weapon on the NFL level. Samuels is listed as a running back for the senior bowl, and it will be interesting to see how he performs.

Oklahoma pass rusher Ogbonnia Okoronkwo has flashed some potential down at the Senior Bowl with an incredible first step and speed, but struggles to disengage from blockers. Okoronkwo is also a bit undersized, which puts him in that often overused “tweener,” category, but his talent is undeniable and likely will cause a team to take a chance with him earlier than projected.

In the first rankings, here’s how the conferences are represented:

SEC: 25
ACC: 19
Big 10: 15
Pac 12: 14
Big 12: 10
Mountain West: 5
Independent: 4
(All from Notre Dame)
AAC: 3
Conference USA: 3
Middle America: 1
Missouri Valley: 1
Gulf South Conference: 1

I will be posting my top ten positional rankings with more detailed descriptions and round grades in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Article by: Maxx Hotton
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