2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: J’Mon Moore

Position: WR

School: Missouri

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 204 pounds



Due to what Missouri asked of Moore, his hands look less than polished. With passes that fly at odd angles, Moore locates passes within his huge catch radius. However, Moore needs more seasoning as it pertains to going to the ground to make catches. That is to say, he needs to cradle the ball above his hands.


Granted, most will look at the 4.60 time and dismiss Moore. Meanwhile, Moore averaged 15.7 yards a catch at Mizzou. With long strides, Moore gains top speed vertically. If you look at the 4.6, look at how Moore gets vertical. He will get separation at the line of scrimmage despite what some perceived as average time.

Route Tree:

While Moore played in Columbia, the Tigers used him outside. As a result, he worked the sideline more than anything else did. The screen, fly and out remain his bread and butter. On the interior route, the quick slant and post helped Moore.


At the combine, Moore opened eyes. If you watch his game film, you will see why. Despite the pedestrian 40, Moore excelled in agility tests. On film, you see a longer receiver that wins with quick feet. From the snap, Moore gain separation with a stutter step and stop/start. Normally, a bigger receiver struggles with agility. Yet, more turns in either direction equally well. More importantly, he will break back to the ball, after driving a corner too far downfield.

Raiders Fit

If they Raiders draft Moore on the third day, Moore checks the boxes of what Jon Gruden likes in a wideout. First, his 6’3” frame would give Derek Carr a huge target, especially in the red zone. Next, Moore provides willing downfield blocking. Lastly, Moore can learn on the job. With Cooper, Crabtree, Patterson, and Roberts expected to return, he could learn the passing game. Under those circumstances, Moore will give the Raiders a red zone threat. With his leaping ability, the jump ball becomes another valuable weapon for the Raiders offense.


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