According to Adam Schefter, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown intends to sign with the Baltimore Ravens.

In his four year career, Brown has only has had only one 1,000 yard season in which he had 1,003 yards and seven touchdowns.

His most recent season in 2017 he only played 10 games due to injury but none the less could only muster 299 yards over 21 receptions for three touchdowns.

The biggest eye catcher when viewing Brown’s stats is his catch rate. Last year Brown’s catch rate was only 38.2% when he only caught 21 of the 55 balls thrown to him in 2017.

Overall Brown is a fast deep threat who struggles to catch the football sometimes. Note that these wide receiver types have not worked out too well for the Ravens in the past.

Don’t get too excited about the move but at least it is a start for the Ravens dipping into the free agent market, and all great things need to begin somewhere right?


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