Sunday not “fun-day.”

The New York Jets were soundly beaten by the Denver Broncos on Sunday 23-0. Even more alarming could be the loss of Josh McCown, possibly for the season. McCown broke his left hand in the third quarter and may be done for the remainder of the season.

Who’s next?

Bryce Petty came into the ball game in relief of the injured veteran and was less than impressive (2-9, 14 yards passing). Offensive coordinator John Morton will now face the challenge of running his off through the 26 year-old Petty.

Known for his competitiveness, good arm strength and decent mobility, the team will have to make some schematic changes as Petty has been known as a “one read quarterback.” Coming out of the Baylor University spread offense where getting the ball out of the quarterbacks hand was the key to success, his brief appearances have been up and down since joining the NFL in the 2015. Opposing teams will no doubt be aware of Petty’s inadequacies and force him to scan the field to look for secondary route options.

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Tight End – Quarterback’s Best Friend

If, as expected, Robby Anderson is keyed on through defensive schemes, the simplistic approach will be for Austin Seferian-Jenkins to stay close to the line of scrimmage running curls, crossing routes and slant patterns. This will allow Petty to get off his first target in time and completing high efficiency routes. This is a great opportunity for both of these players not only for the remainder of this season but the future. Petty has one year remaining on his contract while Seferian-Jenkins is an unrestricted free agent.

Stay Tuned

The final diagnosis on the severity of Josh McCown’s injury should be known later this week. May be a rough end to what has been a positive season for the young Jets.

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