2018 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Amari Coleman

Position: CB

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 190 pounds

School: Central Michigan





Coleman brings a decent first step to his backpedal. When he flips his hips, there is not a tremendous loss of burst. While Coleman is not a flat-out burner, he uses a steady gait to stay hip to hip with most wideouts.


If he arrives in Oakland, Coleman brings a sudden breakdown in pivoting. During option routes, Coleman will not overcorrect his stride and not lose his target.

Ball Skills

Over his four seasons with CMU, Coleman tallied eight interceptions. Mostly, his ability to time his break led to the picks. When Coleman snared an interception, he would turn offense into defense. Three of his grabs went for touchdowns. With the ball, Coleman easily flips field position. Equally important, Coleman broke up 29 passes. As of a result, teams that tried him, paid the price. If you jump to 2:30 of this video, Coleman jumps a route.


Despite his smallish frame, Coleman will surf through the wash to make a sound tackling. Downfield, he secures the ball carrier. In the slot, Coleman will attempt to delay routes by sheer force.


The Raiders need to rebuild their entire secondary. With the Del Rio Era a memory, the time is now. If you look at the corners that call the Raiders home, upgrades must occur. Coleman easily slides into a subpackage slot. In essence, the rookie could shore up the slot. Coleman’s aggressiveness would benefit the Raiders versus the Chiefs. Kansas City boasts wideouts that exploit the slot.


Raiders DC Paul Guenther’s defense mandates disciplined secondary play. What one part of coverage is your best trait?

One of my best traits in coverage is my press. I believe getting my hands of the receiver and throwing his timing off with the QB allows me to make plays on the ball.


In today’s NFL, the need for quality nickel/dime/slot corners is high. How do you prepare for playing inside?

I prepare for playing inside by knowing my defense thoroughly and playing through my technique. Knowing where my help is allows me to know when to take risks and to play to the strength of the defense. Also, just knowing my opponent and there favorite route concepts. By having a good sense of what the offense is doing based on film study prepares me for whomever lines up against me.


Most DB will play some special teams; you have a FG block recovery to your credit. What does the mindset change from play defense?

I do not believe the mindset changes that much. On defense you must play aggressive and be technically sound in order to succeed and that goes for Special Teams as well. The preparation does not change.


Facing Tyreek Hill in the slot poses a challenge for any DB. With his speed and explosion, what can you do to slow him down?

I believe the only thing that will stop his is to play technically sound. By staying square and in front of him will allow me to get my hands on and slow him down sense he has such good speed.



New Raiders DB coach Derrick Ansley arrived from his job at Alabama. He stresses aggressive, attacking corners. With 29 career passes defensed, you fit the bill. What can you improve with his teaching?


There is always room for improvement. Personally, I feel as if I can be even more aggressive and perfect my technique. Also, just take everything that he teaches me and rely it to the field. He is a good DB coach and has experience; anything that he tells me could potentially get my game to a higher level so I am all ears.


Analysis: While Coleman’s name may not fall from the lips of many, the Raiders have a need. If they want to succeed under Paul Guenther, secondary play cannot be undersold. As a result, quality slot play should matter. For one thing, the Chiefs will spread the Raiders out, in order to take advantage of their speed. Currently, Okalnd lacks quality corner depth to stay with Kansas City. With an addition like Coleman, either late in the draft or as an undrafted free agent, the raiders help themselves.


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